Cold plasma on full-thickness cutaneous wound accelerates healing through promoting inflammation, re-epithelialization and wound contraction

Nasruddin, Yukari Nakajima, Kanae Mukai, Heni Setyowati Esti Rahayu, Muhammad Nur, Tatsuo Ishijima, Hiroshi Enomoto,Yoshihiko Uesugi, Junko Sugama,Toshio Nakatani

We investigated cold plasma effects on acute wounds of mice. The mice were classified into experimental and control groups. In the former, wounds were treated using cold plasma once daily for 1 minute, and then covered with hydrocolloid dressing; wounds in the control were left to heal under hydrocolloid dressing. Daily evaluation was conducted for 15 days. General and specific staining was applied to evaluate re-epithelialization, neutrophil, macrophage, myofibroblast and transforming growth factor beta. It was found that cold plasma accelerated wound healing by one day. Plasma may promote the late phase of inflammation, accelerate reepithelialization and increase wound contraction.