Physics Observation of Plasma Radiation for Leaves to Initial Growth of Phalaenopsis amabilis

Muhammad Nur, Nintya Setiari, Much. Azam ,Ika Indah Selawanti

The Phalaenopsis amabilis (”anggrek”) has been irradiated by nitrogen ions for growth accelereting.Irradiation technique used corona plasma technology that its electrodes configuration was point-to-plan geometry to generate nitrogen ions in air. Corona glow discharge Plasma has been generated by DC Voltage of 3.50 kV and current was 0,23 mA. Nitrogem ions that were irradiated to Phalaenopsis amabilis (”anggrek”) have been bombarded to leaf organ during 1 to 7 minutes. We used two types Phalaenopsis amabilis control: control with fertilizer and control without fertilizer. Growing of Phalaenopsis amabilis can be accellereted about 90 % compare with control without fertilizer and 30 % compare with control with fertilzer. The maximum growing of Phalaenopsis amabilis by using plasma technology for time irradiation of 1 or 2 minutes.

Key words : corona glow discharge plasma, Phalaenopsis amabilis (anggrek), nitrogen, ion electrons, free radicals.
Berkala Fisika Vol 10. , No.1, Januari 2007, hal 53-59
ISSN : 1410 – 9662