Plasma Technology Research and Its Applications: developing in the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Diponegoro University

Muhammad Nur

 Center for Plasma Research, Faculty of Science and Mathematics,

 Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia

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 Researchs on the application of plasma technology in the areas of environment, health, food, agriculture have been conducted in the Laboratory of Atomic and Nuclear Physics Division of Plasma Technology in the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Diponegoro. This paper reported research results on plasma technology and its applications in these fields that have been carried out in the recent years. Plasma for environmental applications can reduce gas emissions released by motorcycle and vehicle exhausts. This technology can reduce significantly emissions of SOx, COx, and NOx. Non-polluted plasma mufflerprototype adaptation has been done in four wheels and more vehicles. Pilot scale improvement has done byintegrating reduction system into vehicle muffler from it previous position outside themuffler. High voltage that used to develop plasma condition comes from 12V34A  accumulator which connected with electronic equipment and able to develop voltageup to 20kV. Exhaust gases reduction Ability has done by varying engine rotation.Plasma muffler appearance in vehicle doesn’t change outside dimension of its originalmuffler and it reactor placement in muffler has a function to change resonatorchamber function and make this muffler still fulfill muffler standardization with moreperformance in reducing exhaust gases (COx, NOx. HC). Optimal reduction levelmade at 2200 rpm for COx is 88,52%. for CO is 88,93%, for HC is 97,34% and forNOx at 4800rpm is 76,19%.In the health sector the ability to plasma technology to kill bacteria is also reported. Bacteria decontamination by using glow discharge corona non-thermal atmospheric plasma has been developed and tested. Plasma was generated in a reactor plasma positive corona with electrodes geometry multi point to plan configuration electrodes. This plasma has been generated in air with threshold corona voltage was 3.0 kV inter electrodes distance was 0.4 cm and current was 1.5 mA. Sterilitizationtest has been done by bacteria Escherichia coli decontamination. In agriculture we use plasma technology to enrich the nitrogen in the compost, and accelerate growth for plant of corn, mustard and mangroves. Acceleration of  the growth of mangroves, we found that mangroves can be reduced early growth to have two leaves that usually takes 60 days to 28 days or save time approximately equal to 100%.  More resent of our research on ozone production  by using silent plasma or Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma (DBDP) and implemented for microbial inactivation in rice has been done. We realized the Ozone Technology for  Rice Storage System  (OTRISS)


Keywords: Plasma, environment, health, food, agriculture, ozone, rice

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