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Publication of the Center of Plasma Research (CPR) published in this category. The publication contained some of which are derived from Diponegoro University and International Publications.

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Media Expose

Activities Center of Plasma Research (CPR) in the spotlight and published in the media. In this category, some taken from the news media online and print both local scale, regional and international




Founder of CPR

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA


Dr Muhammad Nur DEA, was born at Batubara, North Sumatara, in November 1957. He received the BSc and Drs degree in Physics from Gadjahmada University, Yogyakarta. From 1993 to 1998 he was in Grenoble, France for Master and PhD program. He received the DEA (M.S. France Version) in Energetics Physics especially on Plasma and Nuclear Sciences from Intitut Nationale Sciences Technique Nuclear and Ecole National Physique de Grenoble and PhD degree in Physics of Material and Radiation with desertation on Plasma Spectroscopy from Joseph Fourier University Grenoble France, in 1994 and 1997, respectively.
He has several patents for plasma application. He is member of IEEE on Plasma and Nuclear Sciences Society since 1996. He joint with rector board Diponegoro University since 2000 as assistance of Vice Rector for Development and Collaboration. He become Vice Rector for Development and Collaboration of Diponegoro University from 2007 to 2010. At the moment, He is the leader of Center for Plasma Research Team (CPR-TEAM) in the same University.


First, I want to thank the PLASMA association for allowing me to serve as Secretary.  I’m proud and humbled by the tremendous honor of being a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back, but allows friendships to be created within the industry.

Drs. Pratama Jujur Wibowa, M.Si, Ph.D

Plasma technology can be applied in various fields including for energy and the environment

Drs. Gunawan, M.Si, Ph.D

I’m currently doing some research related to plasma applications for textiles

Muhammad Widodo, AMD., M.Sc., Ph.D