#5. Effects of fallowing on macrobenthic assemblages in sediments adjacent to southern Bluefin tuna cages

Sapto P. Putro, Ib Svane, Jason Tanner

This study focuses on the effect of fallowing of southern bluefin tuna farms in southern Spencer Gulf, South Australia, on macrobenthic assemblages, comparing spatial and temporal patterns of distribution and abundance at eight control sites and eight fallowed pontoon sites, during the period October 2002 to October 2003. Two stations at each site were sampled five times throughout the year with four replicates. Polychaetes were the most abundant organisme, both at control sites (76, 4%) and fallowed pontoon sites (80,5%). Surface deposit feeders dominated both control and fallowed sites, followed by carnivores….

Aquafin CRC Project 4.3.2 (FRDC Project No. 2001/103)