Ionic Wind Phenomenon and Charge Carrier Mobility in Very High Density Argon Corona Discharge Plasma


Wind ions phenomenon has been observed in the high density argon corona¬†discharge plasma. Corona discharge plasma was produced by point to plane electrodes and high¬†voltage DC. Light emission from the recombination process was observed visually. The light¬†emission proper follow the electric field lines that occur between point and plane electrodes. By¬†using saturation current, the mobilities of non-thermal electrons and ions have been obtained¬†in argon gas and liquid with variation of density from 2,5 1021 to 2 1022 cm-3. In the case of¬†ions, we found that the behaviour of the apparent mobility inversely proportional to the density¬†or follow the Langevin variation law. For non-thermal electron, mobility decreases and¬†approximately follows a variation of Langevin type until the density ‚ȧ 0,25 the critical density¬†of argon.

ScieTech 2014 | IOP Publishing
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 495 (2014) 012041 | doi:10.1088/1742-6596/495/1/012041