Koreksi Tekanan Gas Ideal untuk Plasma sebagai Materi Fase ke empat dan Penerapannya pada plasma Argon

Muhammad Nur

The calculation analytically have been made to obtain the formulation of pressure for┬áplasma. Non-quantum approach calculation was done by using thermodynamic functions in a gas┬ásuch as entropy, enthalpy, Helmholtz free energy, Gibs free energy and partition functions of┬áparticles in plasma. The formulation obtained was used to determine the pressure in the corona┬áplasma high density argon and argon microwave plasma at the beginning of an atmospheric gas┬ápressure. The results obtained that the difference between hot gas pressures to the pressure of┬áplasma is ╬öPplasma = 1/24¤Ç Pgas. where the pressure of plasma is smaller than the hot gas┬ápressure. By implementing on corona plasma high density argon, we found that plasma pressure┬áhas been changed in a parabolic form with changement of density and changement of pressure in┬álinear against plasma temperature.

Key words: Plasma. Hot gas, pressure, thermodynamics, free energy, argon, density, termperature
Berkala Fisika┬áVol. 12 , No. 4, Oktober 2009, hal 161 ÔÇô 170
ISSN : 1410 – 9662