Pemanfaatan Plasma Non Termik dalam Upaya Pengendalian Laju Polusi Udara Akibat Emisi Gas Kendaraan Bermotor Bermesin 2 tag

Ari Sugiharto. SL, Rasito, M.Nur dan A. Suseno

The research of removal COx, HC emission gas using non-thermal plasma with out add¬†the additive gas has been carried out. In this research, plasma was produced in a reactor glow¬†discharge corona with multi-points to plane configuration and wire to plane configuration. The gas¬†emission from the machine were injected in reactor and was change to become phase plasma using¬†DC voltage with power 0,1 watt. In phase plasma, the species of plasma such as; ions, energetic¬†free radical and energetic electrons were created in reactor. Ions and energetic free radical were¬†entranced in reaction and this condition can to remove emission gas COx , HC and it produced¬†other compound. Verify residues using FTIR. So reduction efficiency between 70 ‚Äď80 %.

Keyword : Plasma Non- Thermik, Reduction, 0,1 watt
Berkala Fisika Vol. 7, No. 3, Juli 2004, hal 103 – 110
ISSN : 1410 – 9662