Characterization of electrical property and ion mobility in positive corona and dielectric barrier discharge with point to plane configuration

N Shadrina1,*, A I Susan1, E Sasmita1, E Yulianto1, M Restiwijaya1, A W Kinandana1, S H Pratiwi1, F Arianto1, and M Nur1,2

1Center for Plasma Research, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro
University, Semarang, Indonesia
2Physics Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University,
Semarang, Indonesia

*Corresponding author:


Atmospheric non-thermal plasma has been widely used. The aims of this research are to characterize electrical properties and charge carrier mobility of corona discharge and dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma reactor with multiple points to plane configuration. Plasma was generated by DC high voltage and a 2 mm glass plate used as dielectric barrier covers passive electrode surface. Plasma current and voltage were measured using an analog multimeter and oscilloscope. Charge carrier mobility was calculated using Sigmond’s unipolar saturation current modified with multiple points to plane approach. Experiment result showed that electric current is proportional to squared voltage, in accordance to unipolar saturation current. Charge carrier mobilities obtained for corona and DBD were in range of 1,66 – 7,18cm2/V.s and 0,331 – 0,848 cm2/V.s, respectively. Charge carrier mobility in DBD reactorincreases with increasing distance between electrodes. Maximum charge carrier mobility in corona discharge was obtained at a distance of 1 cm, while in DBD at 4 cm.

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