Profile Video Center for Plasma Research (CPR) Diponegoro University

Center for Plasma Research (CPR) is a research center of the plasma and its application. The center originated from independent studies in 1999, by utilizing the corona plasma for particle separation device. After getting the results of research especially in the fields of environmental conservation, enthusiasts Plasma Science and Technology at the University of Diponegoro formed Center for Plasma Research on February 10, 2005. Research continues and by developing different types of reactors, based on Corona Discharge, Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma, Radio Frequency Plasma and the last is the Plasma Jet. Center is supported by a multi-disciplinary field of expertise, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemical Engineering, Medical, Animal and Agricultural Science, Food Technology, Fisheries, Public Health. Research activities plasma applications include, for Environmental Plasma, Plasma for Food, Plasma for Agriculture, Plasma for Textile, Plasma for Materials, Plasma for Medical and Plasma for Energy that focus on Gasification Plasma . Fundamental research was also conducted, among others, a chain collision problems electron atoms and molecules in the plasma, electro hydrodynamics, studies and plasma spectroscopy to spisies area after plasma (after glow region), theoretically Tokomak Plasma also began to be touched by using Monte Carlo Simulation. CPR also did some initiation to spin off the business-supported researchers from PT. Dipo Technology Semarang